Wire Pallet Cage, Stillage Cage, Warehouse Cage

Foldable Wire mesh Pallet Cage & Stillage is stackable. also can be used for pallets, forklift, lift, crane, and placed on the warehouse racks alone.

pallet cage

roll warehouse cage Warehouse Cage advantage:

Foldable freely, can be folded when not in use to saving warehouse storage space.

Bright electro zinc plated finish.

Size standard as Pallet.

Stackable up to 4 units high.

Light weight, high strength, Load Capacity: 500kg to 1500kg according to different specifications.

Very heavy duty wire mesh pallets with strong steel base surround.

Good appearance even with heavy use.

Pallet Cage Can be made on wheels.


Warehouse cage size as follows :
Model Size: Leght* Width*Height (mm) Volume Mesh Grid Static load (KG)
SDPCA1 800*600*640 0.21 50*50 600
SDPCA2 800*600*640 0.21 50*100 500
SDPCB1 1000*800*840 0.51 50*50 700
SDPCB2 1000*800*840 0.51 50*100 500
SDPCC1 1200*1000*900 0.85 50*50 1000
SDPCC2 1200*1000*900 0.85 50*100 800
SDPCD1 1200*800*840 0.65 50*100 800
SDPCE1 800*500*550 0.65 50*50 400
All size can be made with wheels.


Foldable pallet cage  Stillage Cage

warehouse cage on rack pallet cage