Wire shelving rack Ecuador

Wire shelving company Ecuador, We produce a variety of adjustable wire shelving rack, Chrome wire shelving units, nsf wire shelving, Metro wire shelving, 304 stainless steel wire shelving, coated wire shelving black and white, wire shelving carts with wheels and basket, wire shelving accessories, components, parts. Wholesale on best price.

We supplied to Ecuador, Zamora-Chinchipe, Esmeraldas, Tungurahua, El Oro, Sucumbios, Cotopaxi, Pichincha, Chimborazo, Pastaza, Carchi, Napo, Orellana, Canar, Morona-Santiago, Bolivar, Manabi, Azuay, Los Rios, Loja, Imbabura, Guayas, Galapagos,

wire shelving

wire shelving

wire shelving components

Wire Shelving Is Easy installation, Fast, Secure Assembly, Boltless.

levels: 1 - 10 Tiers, Load capacity : up to 350kg /Tier

Size and color can be customized.

Below are the normal size:

Post height: 18" 24" 30" 32" 36" 40" 48" 54" 63" 66" 71" 74" 78" 86" 96"

Shelf size , depth*length
14"x24" 18"x24" 21"x24" 24"x24"
14"x30" 18"x30" 21"x30" 24"x30"
14"x36" 18"x36" 21"x36" 24"x36" 30"x36" 36"x36"
14"x42" 18"x42" 21"x42" 24"x42" 30"x42" 36"x42"
14"x48" 18"x48" 21"x48" 24"x48" 30"x48" 36"x48"
14"x54" 18"x54" 21"x54" 24"x54" 30"x54" 36"x54"
14"x60" 18"x60" 21"x60" 24"x60" 30"x60" 36"x60"
14"x72" 18"x72" 21"x72" 24"x72" 30"x72" 36"x72"
Other size can be customized

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