warehouse pallet racking Ethiopia

Industrial shelving, warehouse racking systems is a material handling storage system designed to store materials

Common components of warehouse rack include the following: Load beams, Upright frames, Diagonal braces, horizontal braces, Pallet supports, Steel decking, Wire decking, Footplates, Shims, Row spacers, Column protectors, Guard rails.

The types of industrial warehouse rack shelving are: Pallet Racking, Heavy Duty Rack Shelving, Longspan Shelving, Cantilever rack, Drive-in rack, Mezzanine Rack, Boltless shelving, Rivet shelving, Angle shelving, Stack Rack .

We produce a variety of Models pallet racking. Dexion, Teardrop, Stow. Symo.

We supplied to Ethiopia, Dire Dawa, Oromiya, YeDebub Biheroch, Amara, Gambela Hizboch, Sumale, Adis abeba, Binshangul Gumuz, Hareri Hizb, Tigray, Afar,

other products we produced:
refrigerated room shelving
stainless steel shelves for storage
Stow Pallet Rack Upright
Madix gondola shelving
Teardrop Beam

Countries we supplied:

  • warehouse palle rack Nauru
  • warehouse palle rack Aland lslands